Top 5 Best Reasons To Plan A Holiday Trip To Kolkata Right Now

Planning a vacation? Nothing can beat the indulgence, serenity of Kolkata – the magnificent place “The City Of Joy” in India! If you’re not convinced about vacationing in Kolkata, please check out a few best reasons to visit Kolkata right now:

Introducing Kolkata -

Kolkata is a 350-year-old metropolis and is regarded as an intellectual, cultural and artistic capital of India. The vibrant combo of picture-perfect weather, the mouth-watering aroma of fish curries and the sweet mishties make the city a must-visit paradise on holidays. The West Bengal Capital city is also called as the City Of Joy as fun, food and festivity are all around the city. Besides, the city is well-known for the Prince of Kolkata – Sourav Ganguly, the former captain of Indian cricket team and the President of the Cricket Association of Bengal!  You will be surprised to see the Howrah Bridge, Hussein Sagar Setu the greatest engineering works,  Kali Ghat where you pay Homage or a good tram ride in the city.

There are no direct trains available from Paradip to Kolkata. Hence Paradip to Kolkata Bus Services are preferred choices among travellers. It’s not only Business trip but one must visit Kolkata for many reasons :

1. Hospitality -

The inhabitants of Kolkata are well-known for their hospitality in India as the locals embrace everyone wholeheartedly. Probably, this is the only metro city where people are judged on the basis of their minds and not on the depth of their incomes.

2. Charm -

The City of Joy – Kolkata has earned a good name for its laid-back charm as the city wakes up late and goes to bed late. This means, there’s no rush to get anywhere – enabling the locals to hardly ever get stressed!

3. Culture -

Well-known for the birthplace and the home of cultural icons – Rabindranath Tagore (The First Non-European Recipient of Nobel Prize In Literature), Satyajit Ray (The Greatest Filmmaker In The 20th Century) and much more, Kolkata is steeped in incredible cultural splendors. Aside from this, the city of Kolkata is famous for Durga Puja celebrations – a festival celebrated in the honor of Goddess Durga! However, the whole city – irrespective of caste, gender, class, religion, and age, gets together during the celebrations! So, enjoying the madness and extravagance of Kolkata on the eve of Durga Puja is a must! 

4. History -

If you’re a history buff and want to visit a destination with greatest historical significance, then a visit to Kolkata is a must! Though the city keeps the spectacular glimpses of colonial days, a vacation in Kolkata won’t disappoint you at all! Some of the iconic monuments that emerge the overall historical charm and value of Kolkata include the Victoria Memorial, the Shahid Minar, the Indian Museum, etc.

5. Sports -

Do you love sports? Be it football or cricket, the people of Kolkata are equally passionate about both the sports. In fact, the Eden Gardens continues to be considered as a holy ground for every sports fanatic around the city. Apart from this, a football match between the two rival teams – the Mohun Bagan A.C. and East Bengal F.C. continues to stir up passionate outbursts around the city.

Final Consideration -

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